Dunsmuir – Tribute to the Trees


The Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens are the location for many concerts and special events. Every year the meadow is the venue for the Tribute to the Trees concert. In September of 1990 at a Community Revitalization meeting, Bill Whitson, director and conductor of the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra and a part-time resident of Dunsmuir, suggested bringing the Orchestra to the City Park for a benefit concert as a way to provide funds for the new Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens project. The first “Tribute to the Trees Concert” was held.

The Gardens became a reality after this premiere concert. It was not expected to be an annual event but the young musicians have traveled to Dunsmuir each year since that initial concert in 1991. The proceeds of this concert provide funds for the completion of the Gardens’ Master Plan, annual maintenance within the Gardens and the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens’ Endowment.