Scenic Drives

Tulelake National Wildlife Refuge driving tour four seasons makes exceptional bird and wildlife watching. Take Hwy 97 to Hwy 161 through the Lower Klamath Wildlife Refuge, which is known to have the largest concentration of bald eagles in the lower 48-states. The Refuge Visitor Center is off Hill Road, and has maps of the levee roads that crisscross both refuges. Brochures are availability to help identify the most common species on the refuges.

Scott Valley has been likened to the Alps of Switzerland, it is 28-miles long x 1 to 6-miles wide that makes for an exceptional day loop trip amongst 4-principle communities that provide a unique glimpse into yesteryear. Etna’s Drug Store is exceptional.

Western Siskiyou County Scenic Byway Loop includes the Jefferson State Scenic Byway north of Yreka (Hwy 263) to Hwy 96 where Shasta River joins Klamath River to meander west to Happy Camp. In Happy Camp follow the signs to go over the Siskiyou Mountains to O’Brien, Oregon. The portion over the Siskiyous is often referred to as Grayback Botanical Trail Tour (this portion of the road is not maintained during the winter, so check at the Forest Service Ranger Station in Happy Camp before taking this route).Bigfoot Scenic Byway, also known as Hwy 96, the westerly portion runs between Happy Camp and Willow Creek. Legend has it that Bigfoot or Sasquatch, roams the isolated forests of the Pacific Northwest. Some this area has more sightings than anywhere in the world.

Trinity Heritage Scenic Byway (Hwy 3), travels through some of the most beautiful and rugged portions of Trinity and Siskiyou counties: mountain lakes, gold rush history, and the Pacific Crest Trail. The Byway goes between Weaverville and Gazelle or Etna.

Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway – All American Road connects Lassen Volcanic National Park with Crater Lake National Park. The volcanic activity of the Cascade Range has created unique geological formations that can only be seen in the part of America. Some of the Siskiyou County portion travels on the Medicine Lake Highlands. McCloud – Hwy 89, I-5 to Weed, then take Hwy 97.