Living Memorial Sculpture Gardens

The Living Memorial Sculpture Garden, created by Vietnam veteran and sculpture artist, Dennis Smith, was dedicated as a war memorial, but the metal sculptures evoke a powerful sense of striving for peace. Groupings with names such as, The Refugees, The Why Group, Those Left Behind, and Coming Home, are arranged within walking distance of each other with the stark landscape and lovely distant view of Mount Shasta as a backdrop. Fifty-eight thousand pines, a living memorial to the 58,000 American dead in Vietnam, also grace the site. Although it is dedicated to veterans of all conflicts, the site has been developed as a “park for everyone”.Sitting areas are provided for quiet meditation and contemplation

The Living Memorial Sculpture Garden is located about 13 miles north east of Weed on Highway 97. It is 9/10ths of a mile north of A12 (a county road) on the west side of 97. Parking and restrooms are available at the site. The is no admission fee although donations are accepted.

Another Veterans’ Mamorial is found in the eastern Siskiyou community of Tulelake. Veterans who served during foreign conflicts who have lived in Tulelake, Butte Valley, Merrill or Malin are eligible for the Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair Museum of Local History Veterans’ Wall. The beautiful tribute is located inside the museum at the fairgrounds. Call 530-667-5312 or visit